Linda Movie Review: ANYTHING

ANYTHING review by LInda Ruiz

“But isn’t it just love” states Jack (Tanner Buchanan), after his mother Laurette (Maura Tierney), has a meltdown when her brother introduces his ‘lady friend’ at the family dinner in his new apartment, and she is a transgendered female.

Matt Bomer plays Freda, a feisty in your face no holds barred woman. Bomer’s Freda is as real as your mother or sister, not some caricature portrayal. She is comfortable in her own skin, and has no time for anyone who can’t accept her truth.

Early (John Carroll Lynch), who recently moved in the apartment complex had overheard Freda crying after a  heated argument with a man. As the quintessential southern gentleman, he rapped gently on their common wall to get her attention and perhaps offer some assistance. Freda visits him the next day to introduce herself and let him know in no uncertain terms that she needs nor wants any assistance. Instead of being judgmental or shocked at her way of life, a slow and steady friendship blossoms between them as trust is built and they open up to each other.

The performance between Bomer and Lynch is a thing of beauty. There was an organic flow between both actors that enabled them to bring Freda and Early to life. You cared about them and loved them because they are real people you know.

Brianna (Margot Bingham) and David (Micah Hauptman) are their downstairs neighbors who are struggling with life in Los Angeles.  David is a musician who is hooked on drugs, and Brianna, the woman who desperately loves him.  The struggle that this couple is going through illustrates the prevalence of drug use in our society and how it makes relationships incredibly difficult.

Timothy McNeil has written and directed a present day “Love Actually”.  Laurette is the overprotective sister who is only interested in Earlys happiness and well-being, Brianna and David, wrestling to save their love, Frida and Early, finding love and Jack experiencing his first love. Love is the transformative power, “Anything” reveals when respect and understanding is added.

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