October 25, 2020


Annabelle Comes Home by Linda Ruiz

James Wan and Gary Dauberman have added a 70’suspenseful vibe chapter to The Conjuring Universe in Annabelle Comes Home. Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) bring Annabelle to their house in the securely locked room where they keep all possessed objects. The priest is waiting for them to perform a binding prayer, which is said daily over all the objects in the room. Lorraine senses that this isn’t enough and Annabelle is locked behind a glass case.

Their young  daughter Judy (McKenna Grace) a sensitive, familiar with her parents work and the precautions involved is more anxious to celebrate her tenth birthday, but they are called away on an emergency.  Judy’s regular sitter Mary Ellen  (Madison Iseman) comes to stay with her.  Mary Ellen’s friend Daniela (Katie  Sarife) also joins them but her motives are just what Annabelle feeds on.

Daniela manages to get in to the room and not only let’s Annabelle loose but EVERTYTHING ELSE!  All the girls are attacked individually and simultaneously by Annabelle and whichever deranged spirit(s) care to join in.  The terror they experience is viseral, unlike some of the previous chapters. The scenes are longer and detailed. Your holding your breathe waiting is it  Annabelle, Charon -the ferryman, The Bloody Bride, The Toy Monkey the list goes on. There are artifacts in the room that don’t physically move but open your mind to madness.

The most terrifying moment is when Annabelle reveals exactly what it is to Judy- in her locked bedroom! Not the birthday present any child could ever want. James Wan and Gary Dauberman packed so much terror in that one night, it felt like a weekend in hell.


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