Linda Movie Review: A KID LIKE JAKE

A KID LIKE JAKE review by Linda Ruiz

Can a four year old boy be gender fluid or is it a result of media influence? Does a child know what their gender is and their role in society? Is the nurturing parent an influence in gender identity? Or is a child just that; a child who is open to explore everything and anything their imagination is captivated by?

Silas Howard presents these questions and gives no answer, simply because there isn’t one. As society becomes more aware of gender fluidity or transgender behavior in children, there really isn’t a guidebook to help the parents understand this natural occurrence.

You simply have to let this process evolve naturally, which is what Alex and Greg Wheeler ( Claire Danes and Jim Parsons) were doing until his Pre-K principal Judy (Octavia Spencer) brought it to their attention.

It seems Jake (Leo James Davis), doesn’t want to remove his princess gear when playtime is over and would rather continue his classes dressed as such. Some of the children were teasing him and he reacted in a manner that the principal found troubling. Since this is the first time his dress up has caused an aggressive reaction with Jake and his classmates, The Wheelers slowly come to the realization that his fantasy world might create a problem in the real world.

To their credit they are not troubled at all that he prefers to dress like a princess, until Judy, continues to bring it up in an effort to make them see this just might not be a passing phase. Her urging that they use this “uniqueness” in his behavior on the school admissions application is not to capitalize or diminish who he is, but to ensure that Jake gets into a school that will nurture him and not label him.

“A Kid Like Jake’ is a conversation that needs to happen in every school and home throughout the nation. The lesson here is to listen with an open heart and accept with an open mind the people we love and strangers alike.

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