October 25, 2020


Movie Review by Linda

This is the perfect film for music lovers!!!  Brent Wilson who produced, NYSNC’s: Promise for the Children, Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road, The Last Reunion: A Gathering of Heroes adds “Streetlight Harmonies “ to his stellar body of work.

‘Streetlight  Harmonies” focuses on the very beginning of the modern music industry, when the singer and songwriter formed a symbiotic relationship. That relationship led to the  birth of talented teenagers that formed groups to sing under the streetlamps in their neighborhood or that of a famous producer, to get signed to a recording contract.

Many of the artists are alive and still performing today. They tell their  story, along with those who are no longer here, in heartfelt detail. What inspired the songwriters and how the singers had to harmonize to sound like the instruments they could not afford. The highs – getting together with a great a songwriter, finding a producer who believed in them and performing all over the world.  The lows – signing contracts that robbed them of their royalties, facing life threatening racism when they toured the South and drug addiction that destroyed everything.

The love from the audience, the joy of being on stage,  the once in a lifetime chance made it all worth it.  Without them we never would have had the evolution that led to rock and roll, pop and rap. None of it would have happened without the street light harmony groups.

The music in and of itself is timeless. There’s not a song that you won’t be familiar with  or sing to, no matter what age you are.  “Streetlight  Harmonies “  is a great documentary for those parents home schooling their children to watch during this pandemic.  It’s a lesson in dedication, love, history and the power that is music to change the world.


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