Linda in New York Reviews: THOR RAGNAROCK

This installment of the Marvel Unversed was scripted by Loki himself. It’s a laughfest from beginning to end, with just bits of seriousness to try to explain to the audience what Ragnarock truly is.

The movie opens with Thor imprisoned by Sufur, the fire god. In his ramblings he tells Thor, Asgard will be destroyed by him soon. Thor frees himself, defeats Sufur and takes his horns (the source of his power) to Odin. There it will be placed into the vault where whatever can harm or destroy Asgard is kept.

When Thor arrives Helmdall (Idris Elba) is not keeping watch on the Bifrost. Skurge (Karl Urban), self-proclaimed janitor, is there instead. Thor seeks out Odin, who is enjoying a play about his sons.  This is not usual behavior for The Mighty Odin and Thor quickly discovers who it really is. Together with Loki they go to earth to find Odin.

Loki is not welcomed on earth and Dr. Strange quickly dispatched him to some nether region as he helps Thor locate Odin. This encounter is filled with slapstick and physical comedy that is awkward and funny at the same time.

Once Dr. Strange sends Thor and Loki to Odin’s location, Odin finally tells his sons about Ragnarock. In his cryptic way he doesn’t fully explain it and Thor is confused since Sufer has been killed and he was the one who would bring Ragnarock to Asgard.

At this family reunion Odin tells Thor and Loki that Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of death, will be arriving soon because he can no longer hold her back. No sooner does he say this and POW!

Here’s Hela! Hela Funny, Hela badass, Hela kickass, who quickly dispatched both Thor and Loki to some distant planet.  By the way she is Hela indestructible and starts destroying the Royal Palace, revealing some unsettling truths about her relationship with Odin. Then her destruction continues with the royal guard and the entire army.

Thor and Loki land on Sakaar, ruled by the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), at different times. He employs Scrapper 142, a former Asgardian, to find warriors for his gladiatorial matches. Of course his undefeated champion is The Hulk, who has been there for quite some time. The comedic dynamics between them all is hysterical. A lot of adult humor that will go over the heads of the younger audience.

As Thor tries to find his way home, convincing his new team they are The Revengers, he finally reaches out to Helmdall who tells him how to escape Sakaar. Meanwhile as Hela has raised her warriors from the dead, preparing to battle all the worlds within her reach, Helmdall is ushering to safety as many Asgardian citizens as he can.

When Thor and Hela have their epic gory battle in Asgard, the true meaning of Ragnarock is finally revealed. Just for a moment the tone turns serious, but then it’s back to the one liners. This installment of Thor is the culmination of all the funny moments, interactions, one liners and physical comedy we got in small doses in the previous Marvel Movies.

This is the Thor and Loki Comedy Show.

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