Name: Victoria Bernd

Age: 20

City: Houston, Texas

What’s your favorite action movie? Die Hard

What’s your favorite comedy? Pineapple Express

What’s your favorite drama? The Blind Side

What’s your favorite horror? Very difficult question since I love horror movies, but it would have to be The Last House On The Left (1972) .

What’s your favorite sci-fi & fantasy? Aliens Vs Predators & Pirates Of The Caribbean 1-4

What’s your favorite chick flick? Clueless

What was the last movie you saw? X-Men 2

What movie are you looking forward to seeing? Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, The  Wolverine, And Thor 2

If you could be a character in ANY movie, who would it be? and why? If I could be a character in any movie , I would like to play Beyonce’s Role in Obsessed because I would of loved to have been the one to woop Ali Larter’s  behind for touching my baby and for trying to ruin my marriage. That’s a position that many girls can relate to. Haha.

What’s the perfect movie snack? Hot Fries And a Peach Snapple

What the one movie everyone should have in their DVD collection? Man On Fire

What movie should have NEVER been made? Dragonball && The Notebook

What’s your Twitter? @chinitaahazee_

What’s your Facebook? Chinaa Hazee

What’s your Instagram? @mrschinaadoll_

What’s your Website? I do not have one.

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