Name: Sherita

Age: 26

City: Houston

What’s your favorite action movie? Death Proof. Can you really go wrong with Tarantino?

What’s your favorite comedy? Death Becomes Her

What’s your favorite drama? Requiem For A Dream

What’s your favorite horror? The Lost Boys

What’s your favorite sci-fi & fantasy? Pan’s Labrynth

What’s your favorite chick flick? Not too big on those so easy hands down Clueless.

What was the last movie you saw? Texas Chainsaw 3D

What movie are you looking forward to seeing? EVIL DEAD EVIL DEAD EVIL DEAD.

If you could be a character in ANY movie, who would it be? and why? Baby Jane from ‘Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?’. Bette Davis was so flawless and crazier than cat shit–definitely would have been a fun role to play.

What’s the perfect movie snack? The Wreck sandwich snuck in from Potbelly’s. I tend to do hoodrat stuff.

What the one movie everyone should have in their DVD collection? Coming To America

What movie should have NEVER been made? the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Like ever.

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