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September 25th, don’t miss the premiere of Telemundo’s newest series “El Recluso.” This dramatic thriller tells the story of Lázaro Mendoza (Ignacio Serricchio), an ex-Marine who has gone undercover as a murderer at a maximum security prison along the U.S.-Mexico border known as “La Rotunda.” While risking his life, he is on a mission to infiltrate a dangerous band of inmates and guards that operate inside and outside of prison who are the prime suspects of the kidnapping of the teenage daughter of a U.S. Judge.

To get you ready for the premiere, we’ve created a list of everything you’ll need to prepare Tuesday, September 25th at 10PM/9C.

  1. Taco Tuesday

Since “El Recluso” premieres on a Tuesday night, why not kick off your evening with Taco Tuesday? Before settling down in front of the TV, treat yourself or your watch party guests to some tacos and maybe throw in agua fresca, horchata, or a signature cocktail.

  1. Popcorn with Tajín and Lime

You can’t watch a thriller without this classic in hand. Add a Mexican twist to popcorn by adding Tajín and lime to spice up this perfect viewing snack. Soak in all of the drama and action that goes down in La Rotunda until you hit the bottom of the bowl!


The saying inside of “La Rotunda” is todos los problemas se resuelven con los puños (all problems are solved with fists). To prepare for the high energy and tough environment that Lázaro is going to face within the walls of the prison, take a boxing class to toughen up and throw a few (safe) punches in the ring.

  1. Pijamas

Because this show airs late at night, make sure you and your friends have on your coziest clothes, like a onesie or comfy pajama pants. Other good options are plenty of pillows and blankets to snuggle under – you’ll need the comfort if you’re watching the action and drama unfold alone!


Grab your snacks, blankets, and maybe even your boxing gloves and don’t miss the premiere of “El Recluso” starring Ignacio Serricchio Tuesday, September 25th at 10PM/9C only on Telemundo. Check local listings and follow along on social media:

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