HOLY CRAP BALLS! New ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ Character Videos Revealed!


Ohhhhh mannnnnnnn!!! I’m not going to lie movie fans. Every time I see a new video ‘something’ for the SUICIDE SQUAD…my nipples get hard. No lie. #truth

Soooooo we get these new Character Videos and BOOM! Nipples hard. (lol) Check them out for yourself!

Watch Will Smith as “Deadshot”

Watch Jay Hernandez as “El Diablo”

Watch Margot Robbie as “Harley Quinn”

Watch Jared Leto as “Joker”

Watch Jai Courtney as “Boomerang”

Watch Joel Kinnaman as “Rick Flag”

Ok – who’s your favorite?!
Mine…damn…this is hard. Actually. It’s pretty damn easy. (lol)
Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Don’t forget…

Advance tickets went on sale last week! Purchase them here!

#SUICIDESQUAD In theaters August 5


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