Friends. It Happened Today. #FeelingYucky

Well. Something happened today…and well…I can finally talk about it. After 2 years…it finally happened. Today while at the park…Maddox found a 99% used CAPRISUN ‘no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives’ juice bag.

It was like time stood still…as he grabbed it with super fast Ninja speed (for us…time stood still) – he put the straw in his little mouth – – what seemed like forever (really like 2.3 seconds) – his little lungs filled with air – and YES. He drank some of the juice. When we yelled, “Maddox. Noooooo!!” – – he looked and us with those cute little eyes that he got from me and said, “Juiccceee good.”

Now…anyone knows me…knows…if I had my anti-bacterial gel with me – that shit would’ve been on my finger and I would’ve gone ‘old school toothbrush’ on his ass.

But…I couldn’t. So. He’s been in a 24 hour quarantine lock down with little pushed under the door.

Question is…is he safe? Or is he contaminated with the zombie virus?

Please send your prayers…and..I’m still debating if I’m going to start a GoFundMe page. We shall see tomorrow. God’s speed.


The Walking Dead

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