First Trailer for ‘THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR’

Check it out movie fans – we got a new trailer…actually…it’s the FIRST trailer!

Universal Pictures THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR is back with its third installment of the popular thriller franchise starring Frank Grillo. This terrifying chapter hits the big screen on June 1, 2016!

The Purge meets Olympus Has Fallen meets Escape from New York!!!

I’m excited for this! Frank Grillo whooping ass AGAIN…I like the sound of that. This one looks a little more gruesome than the second one…and I like the sound of that.

I am a little bummed though…didn’t they show A LOT in the trailer?! It’s like the whole freaking movie! I hate when trailer people do that. Well…I guess we’ll have to see…did they or did they not ruin it for me!! (lol)

Will I purge? or will I not purge? THAT is the question.

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