Fear the Walking Dead “What’s Your Story” Reaction

Just re-watched this episode with the wifey.

Yep. I’m reallllllyyyyy behind in Fear. (Lol) I normally do #FEARTWD podcasts but with my boys (3 yrs old & 9 months old) growing like weeds…it’s hard to find time to record.

So for now…I’ve decided to write instead.

Man. I’m just now starting Season 4 episode 1 with the wifey and Season 4 episode 9 returned tonight on AMC. (Lol)

Ok. What what did we think of “What’s Your Story.”

I liked it. Good seeing Morgan. I’m a fan of his. The new characters are pretty cool so far. The wifey’s a fan of the gun slinger John. She doesn’t under or like this whole time jump thing. (Lol) She thinks it makes no sense. (Lol)

Zombie action was dope and that ending – Alicia, Nick, Victor and Luciana have become highway bandits. Whaaaaa?!

Overall not a bad start. I guess we’ll see how the rest turns out.

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