Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: RoboCop [video]

Have you watched it yet?! What did you think of is?

Winter's Tale

‘Lets Talk About Movies’ Movie Review: Winter’s Tale [video]

Lucky Bastard

Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: Lucky Bastard

I just finished watching a screener for the upcoming film LUCKY BASTARD and by the title of the movie…I’m not so sure if he was so ‘lucky’ after all. (lol) What’s it about? Check itttttt… LUCKY BASTARD is the story of a shy young man who wins a contest to

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

A young California Latino named Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) is designated for possession by the same malevolent demon who previously claimed Kristi and Katie. Christopher Landon (son of Highway to Heaven actor Michael Landon) wrote and directed this spin-off/sequel produced by Oren Peli and Jason Blum. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi WATCH

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Devil's Due

‘LETS TALK ABOUT MOVIES’ Movie Review: Devil’s Due [video]

The Lego Movie

@ThisFunktional Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

Review By Jesus Figueroa Plain and simple takes extraordinary on a spin in “The LEGO Movie.” It’s a delightful film which takes action movie cliches and puts a funny unexpected twist to create an entertaining story for the entire family. The story begins as Lord Business, voiced by Will Ferrel, steals

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Nurse 3D

@ThisFunktional Movie Review: Nurse 3D

Review By Jesus Figueroa All Saints Memorial Hospital’s Angels of Mercy, nursing staff, have a vicious evil among them in “Nurse 3-D.” One nurse at All Saints Memorial Hospital takes her sickness further than anyone thought imaginable by a sexy and seductive care provider entrusted to help treat illness, but

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At Middleton

Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: ‘At Middleton’ [audio]

Academy Award nominees Andy Garcia (Ocean’s 11, City Island) and Vera Farmiga (A&E’s “Bates Motel”, Up in the Air) star as straight-laced George and eccentric Edith, two strangers who meet on their children’s campus tour at the idyllic Middleton College. Failing comically to connect with their kids, George and Edith play hooky together, ditching the official tour for

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Alejandro Vergara

‘Lets Talk About Movies’ Movie Review: The Nut Job [video]

This is “The Nut Job” movie review, with a very special guest. If you like it spread the word. Enjoy and thanks for watching. LIKE his Facebook Page  

Ride Along

Movie Fan Review: Ride Along

Got to attend last nights screening in Los Angeles it was a hilarious evening! The chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart was on point. The audience continually burst into laughter and I was happy to be one of them. There was plenty of drama, loud explosions and violence but not

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Lone Survivor

@ThisFunktional Movie Review: Lone Survivor

  Review By Jesus Figueroa The harshness or war captures the attention of audiences watching “Lone Survivor” but the awe-inspiring part of the film is the emotional story that arises. With a fierce, gruesome battle where only one U.S. Navy seal survived the emotion of the story seeps through to make

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Alejandro Vergara

‘Lets Talk About Movies’ Review: Lone Survivor [video]

LIKE his Facebook Page – – – – – Mike ‘the movie guy’ LONE SURVIVOR review @ThisFunktional LONE SURVIVOR review


@ThisFunktional Movie Review: ‘The Legend of Hercules’

  Review By Jesus Figueroa The monumental mythology of “The Legend of Hercules” gets a strong 3D telling with action-packed scenes and an emotional story which brings Hercules to a new generation. The film although it has some spectacular battle scenes and brings some emotional scenes to the story presents no

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