The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence

My DVD Review: “The Human Centipede 2 Full Sequence” (mp3)

I checked out THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 FULL SEQUENCE and here’s my review. listen to ‘My Movie Review: “The Human Centipede 2″’ on Audioboo

Safe House DVD -

My DVD Review: “Safe House” (mp3)

I checked out “SAFE HOUSE’…and here’s my AudioBoo movie review. What did you think? listen to ‘My DVD Review: "Safe House"’ on Audioboo


Watch My DVD Review: “The Grey”

THE GREY hits stores tomorrow – May 15. Will you be adding it to your DVD collection? Let me help ya out…

The Devil Inside - blu-ray

Watch My DVD Review: “The Devil Inside” (video)

Hey movie fans! I got my hands on a DVD copy of “THE DEVIL INSIDE”…it actually hits stores Tuesday, May 15! Watch my review to see if it’s worth adding to your DVD collection.

Grave Encounters -

My DVD Review: “Grave Encounters” (video)

The movie starts off with a documentary crew interviewing a TV executive…the main subject – the paranormal reality show called, “Grave Encounters.”  He goes on bragging about the show, it’s host and crew. Then the mood changes…they start discussing Episode 6 of the show…“The Haunted Asylum” – real name, Collingwood

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The Warriors -

My DVD Review: “The Warriors” (video)

Back on February 9, 1979 – THE WARRIORS hit the big screen and the rest is history. PEOPLE…this is an awesome cult classic. A must see. Watch the trailer HERE. Yeahhhh…that trailer doesn’t do the movie justice. (lol) But what can I say…it’s an old trailer. THE WARRIORS is about

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Boogie Night s - bluray

My DVD Review: “Boogie Nights” (video)

HOLY CRAP BALLS…if you haven’t watched 1997’s BOOGIE NIGHTS yet…I hate you. It has to be one of my favorite movies. It’s been in my DVD collection for the longest time…every time it comes on cable…I watch it. The movie’s that good. IF…and IF you have NOT seen it –

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Don't be afraid of the Dark -

My DVD Review: “Don’t be afraid of the Dark” (video)

I checked out DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK the other night. Even though everyone told me it sucked when it came out on the big screen – I still wanted to watch it…I mean, why wouldn’t I – one of the writers was Guillermo de Torro, director of Blade

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Wrong Turn 4 -

My DVD Movie Review: “Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings”

OK horror fans…the movie starts off by introducing you to the Glenville Sanatorium, West Virginia…the year is 1974. Pretty much all the deformed & crazy people in the area have been sent to this hospital…including these 3 crazy, canabilistic brother’s. ‘Something’ happens…(don’t wanna give away too much)…and we fast forward

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Sniper 2 -

My TV Movie Review: “Sniper 2″

SNIPER 2 came on cable the other day…it stars Tom Berenger. HOLY CRAP BALLS…this movie sucked for me. I turned it off 1/2 way through…just couldn’t take it. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of SNIPER…but good lord…SNIPER 2 blew. Tom’s character – same hard ass sniper…but trying

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