Angels Crest -

Our Netflix DVD Review: ‘Angels Crest’ [video]

Every week, Jennyfly of and I watch a Netflix movie. WE DO IT FOR YA’LL!! We hope it comes in handy. Have a great weekend!

Border Run DVD

@ThisFunktional DVD Review: ‘Border Run’

  “Border Run” follows Sofie, played by Sharon Stone, through the horrors of crossing the United States/Mexican border illegally. The powerful film follows several stories captivating audiences with full on horrific depictions of heartfelt stories. Many immigrants cross into the U.S. illegally through the use of a “Coyote,” a person paid to

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My Netflix DVD Review: ‘Hit & Run’

  I checked out HIT & RUN last night with my gal – HER PICK. You have to understand – she’s not a a movie freak like me – – – so when she picks something – I have to jump to the opportunity…if not, I’m watching movies by myself.

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Paranormal Acitivity 4

My Movie Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 4′

  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 – I watched it tonight. Hmmmmmmmm…I can’t believe I’m going to say this. WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKING THESE? And I know – for the money. But I wonder if someone in their camp is saying, “You know, I bet we can make these better.” (lol)

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The Raven DVD

Our Movie Review: ‘The Raven’ [audio]

  @Jennyfly of and I watched another Netflix movie today…John Cusack’s THE RAVEN. We hope you enjoy our review…if we sound a little confused…we were. (lol)

Premium Rush

My DVD Review: ‘Premium Rush’

PREMIUM RUSH – I saw it the other night. FINALLY, right? The movie stars  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez, and Jamie Chung. The movie definitely reminded me of the 1986 flick QUICKSILVER starring the man, Kevin Bacon. Have you seen it? You should if you haven’t. Now lets talk

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The Bourne Legacy

My DVD Review: ‘The Bourne Legacy’

  THE BOURNE LEGACY…I finally watched it the other night. YES, YES…I never saw it in the theaters. I just never made the time and yes…I had an opportunity to watch it at a screening – but…yeah…too many knuckleheads there that could’ve ruined it for me (talking, texting, and so

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@ThisFunktional Movie Review: ‘ParaNorman’

 Review By Jesus Figueroa Norman is anything but the typical kid, “Paranorman” follows the story of a special kid who can talk to spirits. Norman, voiced by Kodi Smit-McFee, enjoys horror flicks although his ability to communicate with the dead makes reality much more entertaining. On a daily basis Norman is able

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5 Centimeters Per Second

@ThisFunktional Review Animated Film, ‘5 Centimeters Per Second’

  Review By Jesus Figueroa Emotionally charged “5 Centimeters Per Second” tells a romantic story that transcends time and space. Through three segments the passionate story is told of a love that becomes distant but never forgotten. Takaki and Kanea meet in elementary school and keep in touch through letters and

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End of Watch -

@Jennyfly and I Review: ‘End of Watch’ DVD [video]

Jennyfly of and I watched another movie…END OF WATCH starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. The DVD/Blu-ray is already out!! Hope you enjoy our review!

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