Iron Doors

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Iron Doors

(SPOILERS) I checked out another movie…   Fans of claustrophobic, single location thrillers such as Cube, Saw and Buried are in for a real treat this month when Stephen Manuel’s multi award winning IRON DOORS is released on DVD and VOD in UK by Warwick Films with a street date of January 19th 2015. As you can see

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By the Gun

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: BY THE GUN

I watched BY THE GUN the other night…actually – it’s been a minute – but with a 5 ½ month old baby boy in the house…it’s been a little difficult getting this review out to ya’ll. (lol) Now…lets start off by saying that BY THE GUN is now available on

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Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: 88

A fast paced thriller, 88 follows Gwen (Isabelle), a young woman who comes to in a road side diner with no idea where she is or how she got there. Split between two timelines, blurring reality and fiction, Gwen gets taken on a revenge-fueled journey as she seeks out the person responsible

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The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power

  When he is betrayed by a trusted friend, Mathayus must marshal all his strength and cunning to outwit a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to unlock a supreme ancient power. – Source THE SCORPION KING 4: QUEST FOR POWER releases in stores today movie fans and well…I

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Get On Up

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Get On Up

  MOVIE FANS!! I finally did it. I finally finished watching GET ON UP starring the incredible Chadwick Boseman. I know, I know…I’m late with this one but…it’s been a little crazy in the Mike household. (lol) GET ON UP is the James Brown story. It’s a ‘movie’ not a

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A Walk Among the Tombstones

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones

  Liam Neeson’s A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD today! I watched it yesterday with my son and we LIKED it! Liam Neeson plays Matt Scudder – an ex-NYPD cop. For ‘certain’ reasons – he’s become an unlicensed private investigator. One night…he’s

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The Guest

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: The Guest

  Hey movie fans! I checked a movieeeeee….it was called THE GUEST and here’s my audioBoo movie review! If you’ve seen it or once you DO see it – – let me know your thoughts below! listen to ‘Movie Review: The Guest’ on audioBoom


Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: Homebound

Wasup movie fans?! I had the chance to check out the independent flick HOMEBOUND. It’s about a dude named Richard Lynn – he lives in Los Angeles making the big bucks – ‘something’ happens where he’s forced to go back to his hometown of El Campo, TEXAS. He thinks it’s going

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Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Oculus

Ten years ago, tragedy struck the Russell family, leaving the lives of teenage siblings Tim and Kaylie forever changed when Tim was convicted of the brutal murder of their parents. Now in his 20s, Tim is newly released from protective custody and only wants to move on with his life;

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Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Neighbors

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne lead the cast of Neighbors, a comedy about a young couple suffering from arrested development who are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby. Neighbors is directed by Nick Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him

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Edge of Tomorrow

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

The epic action of Edge of Tomorrow unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier [video]

Crawl or Die

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Crawl or Die

So I checked out the sci-fi/horror flick CRAWL OR DIE. Wait! First let me say that I actually went out and bought this movie – from Wal-Mart. Can we say nightmare?! (lol) THAT was an adventure that could have been made in to a mini movie itself. (lol) So lets talk

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