5 Reasons Latinos Can Relate to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2!”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

5 Reasons Latinos can relate to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding!”

Everyone loves a great wedding and even more, a wedding filled with lots of love and family! If My Big Fat Greek Wedding taught us anything, it’s that large families are the best and extremely similar to a Latino family.

To celebrate the upcoming sequel, we’ve created a list that highlights similarities between the Portokalos and a Latino family!

  1. Obviously the giant family! From nieces to nephews to primos hermanos to your great grandma! The Portokalos had it all, just like us!
  2. The nosey cousin! Just like Toula couldn’t keep anything to herself because of her chismosa cousin, well we all have a family member that’s always in our business.
  3. The dancing! Come on! Us Latinos love to cut some rug. Once the music starts and the drinks are out, everyone is on the dance floor! Even if it’s in the kitchen.
  4. When are you going to get married?? The big question all single Latinos face at any gathering. Toula wasn’t immune to this question either in the first film!
  5. Do you want food? We all know our grandmother’s, moms and Tia’s favorite saying, “¿Quieres comer?” My Big Fat Greek Wedding was filled with food!

Don’t miss My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 in theaters on March 25!


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