Twilight Party


2012 Comic-con has come and gone and it’s time to share the photos…ENJOY! listen to ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Comic-Con 2012’ on Audioboo

The Dark Knight Rises

My Movie Review: “Batman Begins” “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” (mp3)

I checked out THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with my boy DJ Wicked…we actually checked out the AMC Theatres Trilogy Marathon and boy are we glad we did. listen to ‘My Movie Review: “Batman Begins” “The Dark Knight” & “The Dark Knight Rises”’ on Audioboo


Top 10 Scariest Kids in Horror Films!!

With the upcoming release of THE POSSESSION (August 31) – I figured I’d put a little list together…my Top 10 ‘Scariest Kids in Horror Films!’ So let the count down begin. 10. THE POSSESSION (2012) Em is the innocent girl from THE POSSESSION. Yeah, I haven’t seen the movie yet

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How It Should Have Ended : How “The Dark Knight” Should Have Ended (video)

I had to share this – talk about hilarious!! Thanks DJ Wicked for sharing the link.

That's My Boy - movies

My Movie Review: “That’s My Boy” (mp3)

I checked out THAT’S MY BOY and here’s my review. listen to ‘My Movie Review: “That’s My Boy”’ on Audioboo

Comedian/Actor Jeff Garcia at Drink Houston

Comedian/Actor Jeff Garcia at Drink Houston

At DRINK HOUSTON…you never know who’s going to stop by…OH WAIT…who is it? Comedian/Actor Jeff Garcia – he happened to be doing his show around the corner. Every Saturday we throw a little party – – 5 rooms under 1 roof is what I like to say. If you’re every

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - UK Premiere

Kristen Stewart Issues Most Heartbreaking Apology We’ve Ever Heard For Cheating On Robert Pattinson

“Wow. We’ve heard a lot of celebrities apologize for a lot of indiscretions, but we’ve never heard anything as raw and heartfelt as Kristen Stewart‘s public apology to Robert Pattinson for apparently cheating on him with her Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to

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Chloe Miranda

Playboy Model Chloe Miranda at Comic-Con San Diego 2012 (video)

“Check out Playboy model Chloe Miranda’s interviews with the Gene Simmons, the ACME archives and more from SDCC 2012.” – Playboy

King of the Floor

“King of the Floor” – Episode 2 (video)

Ready for another episode of KING OF THE FLOOR?! Who do YOU think won? Oh, I have another treat for ya – ‘Behind the Scenes Photos’ from Episode 1 – big thanks to @MissValleyGrrl who sent me the pix. KEEP’EM COMING GIRL! Watch Episode 1  

Total Recall -

“Total Recall” – story featurette (video)

This is a GREAT watch…HOTNESS…Jessica, Kate, and TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL…Colin. Just watch it people! (lol)

Saturday Night - DRINK HOUSTON

Just another night!

Yep! Just another night at the office. Every Saturday night – we throw a little party! DRINK HOUSTON! If you haven’t been…whatcha been waiting for? I just love my gals…even the ones in the back. Crazy broads!  

Oz the Great and Powerful - movies

“OZ the Great and Powerful” Trailer (video)

I’m excited for this one. Pretty cool and sexy cast…James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams. NOT BAD, NOT BAD.

Man of Steel - movies

New Glimpse of Superman in “Man of Steel” teaser trailer! (video)

I’m pretty stoked about the MAN OF STEEL…I’m one of the guy’s who doesn’t mind Zack Snyder making the film…I’m a huge fan of 300 (one of my favorite movies), THE WATCHMEN, and every time the LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS: THE OWLS OF GA’HOOLE…I watch it!! Check out the teaser

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