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Newest Trailer for ‘WRATH OF THE TITANS’ (video)

HOLY CRAP…the new WRATH OF THE TITANS trailer looks awesome. BUT WAIT…that’s how I felt about CLASH OF THE TITANS…and look how that turned out. A total letdown…well, at least for me. I do have faith for WRATH OF THE TITANS though…I really do…this trailer kills the last movie –

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‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ Newest Trailer! (video)

HOLY CRAP! These trailers for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS keep getting better and better!!! Just 2 months away!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!

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Exclusive Trailer for ‘BRAVE’ (video)

OOOHHHH YEAHHHH…the internet released an exclusive trailer for the upcoming Disney Pixar film, BRAVE. Yessss…I know…some of you might think I’m a bit weird…but…I’m sooooo stoked for this movie. It looks awesome. GIRL POWER TO THE 10TH DEGREE!! “CHANGE YOUR FATE. JUNE 22″ “Since ancient times, stories of epic battles

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Playmate ‘Jessica Burciaga’ Behind The Scenes (video)

PURE AWESOME-NESS. “We joined Miss February 2009 Jessica Burciaga in the Beverly Hills studio where she was shooting her exclusive Playboy.com pictorial; according to Jessica, it’s her sexiest shoot to date. Who are we to disagree?” – Playboy See more pictures here: http://www.playboy.com/entertainment/jessica-burciaga Make sure to follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaBurciaga


‘Playboy March 2012 Covergirl’ Brittney Palmer (video)

Go behind-the-scenes with UFC ring girl and accomplished painter Brittney Palmer during her hot session in the gym by way of her sexy celebrity pictorial for the March 2012 issue of Playboy. See the pictures here: http://www.playboy.com/girls/celebrities/brittney-palmer/brittney-palmer.html


Sexy ‘Sandy Garza’ coming to Club Roxy (video)

Check it out ‘SEXY LADY FANS!’ THIS weekend…we’ll have a special guest at Club Roxy. She goes by the name of SANDY GARZA…Pretty hot stuff if you ask me. The Roxy, Slammed Entertainment, and even Miss Garza are celebrating the launch of her new website – SandyGarza.com She’s going to be

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter – Official Trailer (video)

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this trailer! It’s the first look we get for the upcoming film, ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER. I can’t wait to sit in the theater – with my popcorn and watch the President chop stuff up!! IN THEATERS JUNE 22


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley reminds you not to forget Valentine’s Day (Video)

Do I really have to say anything?

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‘Seeking Justice’ trailer (video)

Now, I’m NOT a huge fan of Nicolas Cage…but I am a fan of Guy Pearce AND the sexy January Jones. (LOL) So, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad…I guess I’ll be checking this one out in March. SEEKING JUSTICE in theaters March 16

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‘I Am Bruce Lee’ trailer (video)

I AM BRUCE LEE…it’s just around the corner…as in a couple of days. It’s only playing in selected theaters – – – and ONE day. Yep – if you check out the official website – you’ll see all the cities and the ONE date, THURSDAY February 9th. What sucks for

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‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ NEWEST trailer! (video)

When I first saw the ‘teaser trailer’ of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN…I was like, “I don’t knowwwww about this one.” – – NOW…they released the first REAL trailer…HOLY SMOKES!! I’m stoked!! I’m liking what seems to be more of ‘story’ of Spider-Man. I’m there for this one!

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My Netflix Movie Review: ‘Quarantine 2: Terminal’

I checked out QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL the other night. The movie starts off at LAX…yep, as in the airport. Flight attendants are boarding a plane and preparing for the flight. As the passengers start to board…you pretty much see who your dealing with. A science dude (who I didn’t trust

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Maxim’s 2012 March Cover Girl: Dominique Storelli (video)

“We show off some of the sexiest things in America, including our current Hometown Hottie winner!” – Maxim Check out the gallery!

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