The Grey -

My Movie Review: ‘The Grey’

Liam Neeson’s new film, THE GREY hit theaters tonight at midnight…but I was one of the lucky ones…I got to see an early screening of the film. Lets start off by saying…Liam Neeson is a total bad ass. (LOL) I put this dude up there with Sean Connery, Al Pacino,

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The Dliemma -

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘The Dilemma’

THE DILEMMA wasn’t a bad movie…but it wasn’t a great movie either. (LOL) The cast was cool…especially the beautiful Jennifer Connelly. Heck, I’ve been a fan of hers since the LABYRINTH days. THE DILEMMA gives ya some laughs…Vince Vaughn and Kevin James play the same roll like they always do. Winona Ryder…ah,

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Pina -

My Movie Review: ‘Pina’

Hmmm…what can I say about the film PINA. Well, I really can’t rag on it – – – it’s just not my type of movie. (LOL) OK…If your a dance fan – this movie’s right up your alley…but when I say dance…I don’t mean, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

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Watch My ‘DVD’ Review: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’

I checked out another movie for you guys and gals. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3. If your still on the fence about adding this movie to your DVD collection – watch this! Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Review   WATCH more movie reviews HERE! DVD reviews HERE!

E Online

Bikini Shot of the Day: Who’s Having a Beach Wardrobe Malfunction?

Whoops! It looks like somebody’s two-piece nearly became a one-piece. While enjoying a little sand and surf in Hawaii yesterday, a certain starlet almost gave her fellow beachgoers a surprise when her bikini top tried to escape her anything-but-beastly bod. So which gorgeous gal almost had a way-too-memorable vacation picture? …AND

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Abduction -

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Abduction’

John Singleton’s got a new movie people and it’s called ABDUCTION starring Twilight heartthrob, Taylor Lautner.  I actually watched this movie while celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas. Yeah, yeah…I watched a movie in Vegas…it was actually a pizza, movie party. (LOL) Now lets talk about this movie…ABDUCTION. It wasn’t

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Tucker and Dale vs Evil -

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’

All right movie fans…I’d been waiting for a while on this one – it never came to VOD on my UVerse (what’s up with that?!) soooo…who came to the rescue? Netflix. Yep – Netflix saved the day. AGAIN. Now – if your into comedies and like blood & guts –

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Arthur -

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Arthur’

I liked this one. I mean – it’s nothing like the 1981 original with Dudley Moore…but, it gets the job done. I thought Russell Brand did a good job…Helen Mirren is always awesome in everything she does…Jennifer Garner was hot…but to be honest with ya – I found myself drifting

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Pinata Surival Island -

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Pinata: Survival Island’

Yeah, yeah movie fans…I actually took the time to watch PINATA: SURVIVAL ISLAND. I really thought it was going to be some cool, crazy movie. Jesus…what a waste of time…even with the sexy Jaime Pressly. (LOL) I wanted to like it – – the little murderous pinata looked pretty decent

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Casa de mi Padre -

Will Ferrell speaks Spanish in ‘Casa de mi Padre’ (video)

THIS MOVIE LOOKS HILARIOUS! Will March 16 hurry the hell up!! …and who and where did this Genesis Rodriguez come from? Total hotness!!

Project X -

‘Project X’ Newest Trailer (video)

Not going to lie movie fans…when I first saw the ‘teaser’ trailer for PROJECT X…I wasn’t 100% sure if this would make my ‘movie to watch’ list – after seeing the 1st REAL trailer for the film…I gotta say…It looks like my kind of movie. (LOL) What do you think?

Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption DVD -

Watch my movie review of ‘SCORPION KING 3: BATTLE FOR REDEMPTION’ DVD (video)

I checked out another movie for you guys and gals. SCORPION KING 3: BATTLE FOR REDEMPTION on DVD. Watch and see what I thought BEFORE spending YOUR money! WATCH more movie reviews HERE! DVD reviews HERE!

Miss Bala -


Miss Bala tells the story of Laura, a young woman whose aspirations of becoming a beauty queen turn against her, delivering her into the hands of a gang that’s terrorizing northern Mexico. Although Laura succeeds in winning the beauty queen crown, her experiences as an unwilling participant in Mexico’s violent

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