NYE2012 at Club Roxy

‘KILLER ELITE’ New Year’s Eve Party at Club Roxy!

Slammed Entertainment & iWatchMike.com Presents: The ‘KILLER ELITE’ NEW YEARS EVE 2012 Party!! ** BOOK YOUR PARTY NOW ** **BOOK YOUR SPOT** Book your table now with my party girl, Crystal @ (832) 525-5944 or EMAIL her at clubroxy@gmail.com – – – – – – – – – – –

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The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book: Part 4 “Christmas Edition” (video) #WeAreFlipBooking

#WeAreFlipBooking Happy Holidays! This is my Christmas gift to all of you! Share the love by clicking the ‘Like’ button! I know I said the Halloween Flip Book was my last one but I wanted to surprise you with a Christmas edition as my gift to you this year! Not

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Young Adult - iWatchMike.com

My Movie Review: ‘Young Adult’

YOUNG ADULT…what do I say about this one. Well, for starters…It was a total let down for me. I really had high hopes for this one. Charlize Theron is hot and kicks ass as usually. Patton Oswalt was funny. It was just the movie. It you haven’t seen it yet

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The Warrior's Way - iwatchmike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘The Warrior’s Way’

Watched it last night. Not bad. I actually thought I wasn’t going to like it as much as I did. Martial arts goes country!!! The fight scenes are nuts. Lots of blood people. If your into that and ninjas – then THE WARRIOR’S WAY is right up your alley. Kate

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Immortals - iWatchMike.com

My Movie Review: ‘Immortals’

IMMORTALS wasn’t bad. But it didn’t blow my mind like 300 did. The cinematography is out of control though…story…ah, it’s ok. I just wish there would have been more epic fight scenes. I think the last 15 minutes was the best – Mickey Rourke is a beast in IMMORTALS and Freida Pinto…WOWWWWWWWW…she’s

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My Week with Marilyn - iwatchmike.com

My Movie Review: ‘My Week with Marilyn’

If you haven’t watched MY WEEK WITH MARIYLN…what the heck are you waiting for? I thought this movie was REALLLLY good people. Michelle Williams does an outstanding job as Marilyn…at times…I was thinking to myself, “Am I watching an actual Marilyn movie?!” Fellas – if your gal wants to go

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Bloodlust Zombies - iwatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Bloodlust Zombies’

(LOL) This was a funny one. BLOODLUST ZOMBIES. I could tell that they didn’t have much of a budget for this one. For those of you who watched the trailer – YES. That IS an infected zombie cat. (LOL) See – the lab geeks make this chemical virus and what

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Black Water - iWatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Black Water’ (audio)

I just got done watching BLACK WATER…damn crocodile! Thinking about watching a movie this weekend? Listen to my review. Movie Review: Black Water (mp3)

Mask Maker - iWatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Mask Maker’

Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of this one. MASK MAKER didn’t do anything for me. The story kind of reminded me of a FRIDAY THE 13TH meets THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE…but just not as good. I wouldn’t recommend watching it. I give MASK MAKER… 2 out of 5 POPCORNS. (It

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The Ward - iWatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘The Ward’

Yeahhh Yeahhhh…from Director John Carpenter…Director of HALLOWEEN and more. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge fan but…WTF happened with THE WARD. I really thought this movie was going to be tight. But it wasn’t. The whole time I was watching – I was thinking to myself…”Man, I wanna

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Stripperland - iWatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘Stripperland’ (audio)

I just got done watching STRIPPERLAND…listen to my review. Movie Review: Stripperland (mp3)

Lindsay Lohan in Playboy

Whatcha think about Lindsay Lohan in Playboy? (photos)

(LOL) When I first caught wind of Lindsay Lohan doing Playboy…I got a little excited. But then I started wondering…is this Playboy shoot going to be of ‘Sexy from the Past Lindsay’ or ‘WTF Lindsay’ – – – and well…I guess I’m not THAT excited anymore. (LOL) Check out the

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A Better Life - iWatchMike.com

My ‘Netflix’ Movie Review: ‘A Better Life’ (audio)

Movie Revie: A Better Life (mp3)

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