I AM the Squirrel Whisperer! (video)

I’ll let the video speak for itself. I AM…amazing. ENJOY!


‘The Lost Tapes’ of Comic-Con 2011, Check out all 5 parts! (video)

I could just kick myself…I found a large amount of video footage from this year’s Comic-Con…yeah, I totally forgot about it. Soooo…I went through it edited it all together and this is what I came up with. 5 Parts of Comic-Con 2011 for your watching experience! ENJOY!


My Movie Review: ‘BELLFLOWER′ (in theaters today!)

Ok people…I finally got the chance to watch the new movie…BELLFLOWER. What should I say about BELLFLOWER. I found it good and weird at the same time…kinda like a ‘trippy’ burrito.  Yeah, that’s it. You go to a restaurant – you order a burrito…not knowing exactly what’s INSIDE that burrito…you

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My Movie Review: ‘THE CHANGE-UP′ (listen)

I checked out ‘THE CHANGE-UP’ starring Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, and the SEXY’S – Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann. Still deciding if you wanna see it – check out my ‘Audio Boo’ Movie Review!!


My Movie Review: ‘COLOMBIANA′ (video)

SEXINESS WITH A GUN hit the big screen tonight…I’m talking about ‘COLOMBIANA’…hits theaters nationwide today…like as in Friday! Who going? Is is worth checking out…well, check out my review and find out!


My #Netflix DVD Review: ‘HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’

HOLY CRAP! Get a hobo…give him a shotgun and throw in some ‘feel like Toxic Avenger’ on the side…and you have… HOBBO WITH A SHOTGUN!! This movie was out of control! (LOL) HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN stars icon, Rutger Hauer…a total badass…if ya’ll don’t know who he is – Google

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My Movie Review: ‘ZOOKEEPER′

ZOOKEEPER was a cute movie people. Definitely something you can take the whole family to see. It’s pretty much about this guy – Griffin (Kevin James) who thinks he’s met the love of his life…one day he decides to propose to her…what does she say? NOOOOOOOO! Which totally devastates him.

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Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg) (video)

This has to be the coolest short film I’ve seen in a long time. ENJOY!


My #Netflix DVD Review: ‘BRAIN DEAD’

I decided to do a little work from the couch today. While sitting here, I figured I could knock out a Netflix movie from my Q…what to watch? How about…BRAIN DEAD. Hmmmm, BRAIN DEAD. What can I say about this one. A pretty interesting movie. (LOL) REAALLLL interesting. The movie

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My Movie Review: ‘HORRIBLE BOSSES′

HORRIBLE BOSSES was a pretty hilarious movie. I mean…check out the cast of the film…Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Colin Farrell (who was awesome), Kevin Spacey (total dick), icon Donald Sutherland, Julie Brown, and Jamie Fox…let’s not forget about Jennifer Aniston. FINALLY a movie where I like her. All

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My Movie Review: ‘BAD TEACHER′

BAD TEACHER…not a bad movie. I’m a fan of Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake…but when it comes to Cameron Diaz…she just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, I think the last movie I liked her in was THE MASK. BUTTTTTTTTTT…guess what? Her in BAD TEACHER…I dug it. I mean…I

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‘UNDERWORLD AWAKENING’ hot, sexy trailer! (video)

HOLY GOODNESS!!! ‘UNDERWORLD AWAKENING’ is comingggggg!! I can’t wait for this movie people. Just 2 days after my birthday…talk about a GREAT birthday present to myself. Oh…and if your reading this Kate. I <3 You! TOOO SEXYYYYY!


‘DRIVE’ Red Band Trailer (video)

I just got the chance to watch the red band trailer for Ryan Rosling’s new film, DRIVE. Holy chit…this movie looks good. Am the only one who thinks this dude can act. He’s one of those type of actors who flies under the radar, but is totally bad ass. I’m

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