Watch: Transformers: Dark of the Moon – HOLY CRAP TRAILER!! (video)

It’s finally here…the Transformers: Dark of the Moon trailer – I’ve been counting down the days and it’s finally here. BOYYYYY WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT. This movie is going to be incredible! I don’t care what my bud John says! See for yourself!


PIRANHA 3DD (DOUBLE D) Splashes into Production!

  Kelly Brook may not be coming back for Piranha 3DD but her memory will live on in the title. Production started today on the sequel to last years beach biting good time, Piranha 3D. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have written the screenplay -casting news in the press release

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – Trailer! (video)

HOLY SMOKES!! It’s out…HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 trailer!! I can’t believe the end is around the corner! Check out the trailer people!!   *DAMN, it won’t show the trailer – – visit my trailers YouTube channel for now:


It’s HERE!…’Immortals’ Trailer (video)

I can’t wait for this movie! It’s from the Producers of 300. It stars a pretty cool cast…Mickey Rourke and the HOT and SEXY Freida Pinto! Check out the trailer below! Visionary director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) and producers Gianni Nunnari (300), Mark Canton (300) and Ryan Kavanaugh

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Red Band Trailer for ‘Bridesmaids’ (video)

Check out the RED BAND trailer of BRIDESMAIDS. It hits theaters May 13th! Source:


‘Grave Encounters’ Trailer (video)

Ok people. I’m a little bummed here. I came across this trailer…trailer for GRAVE ENCOUNTERS. It looks cool…hell, anything that deals with the paranormal…I’m there. So, I say to myself, “Mike…we need to find this movie. It hit theaters TODAY!” I go to the website and GUESS WHAT?! NOT showing

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My ‘MIDDLE MEN’ #Netflix DVD Review

Last night I watched one of my Netflix DVD’s…2009’s MIDDLE MEN…starring Luke Wilson, Gabriel Macht, James Caan, and Giovanni Ribisi. I must say…it was a pretty dope movie. I wished I would have seen this in the theaters when it came out – but never had the chance. The movie’s

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Looks like a great flick! ‘Teri’ Trailer

I’m a huge fan of John C. Reilly…so come July 1 I’m watching this one. Check out the trailer for yourself – this looks like a great movie.


Get Ready Ladies! ‘Abduction’ #Trailer!

LADIES are you ready?!!? Better yet…TEAM JACOB are you ready?! It looks like Taylor Lautner’s hitting the big screen in ABDUCTION. From what I see so far – looks like a pretty cool movie. It’s directed by John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood) so I’m hoping dope. “I got yo

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WOWWW! ‘Trollhunter’ #Trailer!

Ok Ok, I know people…you’re thinking, “Hellll nawwwww Mike, you’re not going to watch this are you?!” WELLLLL…yes I am. It looks pretty interesting. (LOL) Come on now…who didn’t grow up hearing about trolls under the bridge or bed when they were younger?


My Review of #Insidious (#movies) (video)

I love me some supernatural flicks…I knew nothing about INSIDIOUS…hadn’t seen the trailer nor read anything before walking into the theater. I just went in there with an open mind. Have YOU seen it yet? Check out my review below!


My Review of #HOP! (#movies)

I checked out HOP earlier this month…yeah, yeah…I know. I’m late. Been slammed without a lot of stuff. BUT…never fear, I’m getting caught up with everything so just chilllll out. SO…let’s talk movies…HOP, starring the voice of Russell Brand and LIVE ACTION star, James Marsden…I only call him that because

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My Review of #YOURHIGHNESS (video)

It’s what I call the ‘Stoner Flick of 2011’…YOUR HIGHNESS stars SEXY Natalie Portman, James Franco, and Danny McBride. Check out my review below…let me know what you thought!

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